Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day #65

I might be a rough and tumble kinda girl, but at least my toenails are painted!! haha.. 
Sitting in a tree in Dallas with my Austin...
Shutter: 1/125. Ap: 6.3. ISO: 800

Just wanted to add this to my Saturday post because I have never seen a two-toned tree like this!! So cool!
Shutter: 1/250. Ap: 7.5. ISO: 200


Sarah M said...

favorite pic so far

cejer said...

Um I think your toes should stay painted which means we will need a repeat date:)

lizzynash said...

CJ! Are you commenting from the hospital or are you home with that amazing little baby now?! :) I am coming tomorrow with a meal, so tell your stomach to get ready for road kill... jk. haha.