Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My days are all off track!!!

So, my life has been a  little busy *stinking hectic* lately, and I have gotten WAY off track in posting daily photos. Believe it or not, I have actually been shooting!! I just haven't posted in quite some time due to sheer exhaustion at the end of each day, being out of town, or just defiance in doing anything in front of a computer after long hours at work! SO, I WILL get back on track soon... PROMISE!!! :) Thanks for still believing in me, peeps! Can't wait to put up some of the highlights of the last several weeks... I still love my camera and am still enjoying shooting! Stay posted for updates......


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day #94

One of my nieces passed out at Easter Lunch today... with a chicken-finger in her hand... so adorable... I guess all the egg hunts, church, and waiting to eat just wore her out! :) 
Happy Easter!!

He is Risen! Christ is lifted up! Praise the Lord that our Savior lives!!

Day #93

A pile of wood in my backyard

Day #92

My porch... one of my favorite places to sit when the weather is nice!

Day #91

Remember these trees with snow on them only a couple weeks ago?! Crazy how the weather changes to fast!

Day #90

A flame

Day #89

Austin's book... 

Day #88

And the next day... a flight OUT of Amarillo... tiny little plane.. haha

Day #87

From Dallas to Amarillo to see his family... Kind of amazing to be on a plane together for a change!

Day #86

An all too familiar scene lately... 

Day #85

New and old art tools

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day #84

Day #83

Day #82

Day #81

Day #80

Day #79

Day #78

Day #77

I haven't posted in a while... been a little crazy in the life of Liz... haha. I am going to rapidly post the last 8 days of photos now... They are mostly in a theme of "desolation"... Some are from the same location, others are around my small, little town of Flowery Branch... I'll post the specs later.. For now, just the photos.

Bonus Pic

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day #76

The guts of my piano
Shutter: 1/40. Ap: 4.0. ISO: 1600

Day #75

There are those days when you just have to stop and say "wow"... This was one of those days. 
Shutter: 1/250. Ap: 10. ISO: 800

Day #74

Remember the tulips?!
Shutter: 1/30. Ap: 5.0. ISO: 1600

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day #73

My town's down-town... Not so impressive in the grand scheme of things, but it's homey!
Shutter: 1/400. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 400 

Day #72

When I look into my crystal ball, what do I see?? Myself and my camera! hahaha (fun illusion, right?!)
Shutter: 1/500. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 400

Day #71

A folk art symbol of an Atlanta tradition - Coca-cola - On the side of a Gainesville building downtown
Shutter: 1/200. Ap: 8.0. ISO: 400

Day #70

A grateful heart... 
The Lord provides so much for me every day. My food, my clothes, my home, my car, my family, my friends, my church, my job, my health, ministry, encouragement, love, etc, etc, etc..... I am realizing how much I depend on the Lord for every small or large thing in my life. This photo is just a symbol of a seemingly small petition for bread... but what a HUGE blessing it is to have it! When you pray to thank God for your meals... really thank Him for the blessing of it!
Shutter: 1/80. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 800

Day #69

Nate played at Smith's Olde Bar again in Atlanta.. So proud of how well he's doing! Everyone check out Nate Currin Band on Itunes if you haven't heard of him.. he's a good friend, an awesome musician and song-writer... (shameless plug for a friend)
Shutter: 1/50. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 3200

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day #68

Our GORGEOUS orchid that one of our sweet patients gave us at work! (Might as well keep the flower theme up one more day!) 
Shutter: 1/200. Ap: 4.5. ISO: 800

Day #67

What I'm left with from my man... A gorgeous rose from the bouquet I got and an old boarding pass symbolizing that I indeed was there.... Wow, I'm a sap! hahaha
Shutter: 1/25. Ap: 4.5. ISO: 800

Day #66

He makes all things new and beautiful in His timing. I did not want to leave Dallas on Sunday, but I am reminded of the greatness of God and His infinite plan as I watch the ants work so hard and see the beauty in this wildflower.. Such small and insignificant things in the grand scheme, but they are hand-crafted by our maker!! He clothes the lilies of the field and cares for them.. How much more will He care for you and me?! I am reminded not to worry about tomorrow.. to be anxious about nothing.. and to rest securely in my beloved Savior's arms and know that He will make all things good and full in His timing!
Shutter: 1/60. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 400

Day #65

I might be a rough and tumble kinda girl, but at least my toenails are painted!! haha.. 
Sitting in a tree in Dallas with my Austin...
Shutter: 1/125. Ap: 6.3. ISO: 800

Just wanted to add this to my Saturday post because I have never seen a two-toned tree like this!! So cool!
Shutter: 1/250. Ap: 7.5. ISO: 200

Day #64

Back in Dallas to see my love... :) This is a bridge we walked past.. beautiful!
Shutter: 1/200. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 400

Day #63

I'm grateful for a color scheme in the medical world.. amazing how there is such a HUGE difference in yellow and white.. One is a normal saline flush.. the other a blood thinner.. 
Shutter: 1/30. Ap: 4.5. ISO: 800

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day #62

Tax time mean filing!!! My new file box..
Shutter: 1/15. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 1600

Day #61

Snow in Georgia in March. ugh. 
Shutter: 1/125. Ap: 7.1. ISO: 400

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day #60

I got to take some photos of Kelley and Chris's new girl.. She's amazing and beautiful!!! I have loved being able to take photos of every stage of their marriage so far! Wedding, pregnancy, and now their daughter.. Praise the Lord for this healthy, beautiful miracle!!! The Lord definitely knit her together and has carried her safely to this point.. 
Shutter: 1/30. Ap: 4.5. ISO: 3200

Day #59

The painting my friend Beka did for my living room.. at an angle..
Shutter: 1/60. Ap: 5.6. ISO: 800

Day #58

Tallulah Gorge with Austin.. Such a fun day!!
Shutter: 1/500. Ap: 6.3. ISO: 400

Day #57

Wonderful date, Wonderful food, Wonderful man...
Jalepeno shrimp, pinapple glaze, on top of goat cheese enchiladas... amazing.
Shutter: 1/13. Ap: 7.1. ISO: 200

Day #56

Our chemo chair and IV pole
Shutter: 1/250. Ap: 4.5. ISO: 1600