Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day #13

Bradford's Poem
A father's touch, strong and secure,
with so much love that is fervently pure,
can calm your heart and show you the start
of your little life that's begun on this earth.

The master of life and the giver of breath
will walk with you and save you from death.
He's the Father of your father
and the drink of Living Water
who'll inhabit your heart and with His Word impart
the gifts of wisdom, of strength, and of light!

So, Bradford, know this,
as you feel your father's kiss,
that the love that you feel
is far more than real-
it's the love of your God poured for you.

Welcome to the world Bradford Lowry Nelson! (Born 1/12/2010)

(Sorry I'm not good at writing poetry.. haha.. just felt that it was necessary for this picture!)
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