Friday, January 1, 2010

The start of a challenge! Day #1

So, I have challenged myself to a daily commitment. I love photography, and I would love to increase my skills this year, so I will be taking a photo every day and posting it on here! Some of the photos will be mundane, things around my house, or different things I see throughout the day. I'll be taking all of my photos with a Canon Rebel T1i, and I'll try to include what settings I am using for each photo. I'm excited to learn and to be commited to something like this! I hope you enjoy seeing things through my perspective!! :) Today's photo will be posted below!

Day #1

This is a picture of a decaying rose that has been laying on my coffee table for about a week. I used manual focus. Shutter: 1/25. Apperature: 5.6. ISO: 3200. White balance: Auto.

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Rick de Zoete said...

Congratulations on starting and sticking with it. I'll see you at the end - and in between. Good luck and keep on having fun.